Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL
Creative Solutions
Creative Solutions
Cooking programs (parents/children)
• Adopt a grantparent/elder
• Community baby showers
• Linking elders and youth living
• Coat and scarfs on power poles
• Kindness connection
• Lake Melville's Got Talent
• Celebrate Life: community event, suicide prevention, Clara Huges, Susan Aglukark
• Little junior chefs & live well/cook well programs
• Cultural healing
• Adopt a student (transition for schooling)
• Food banks – country food, harvesting program
• Healthy Baby Club
• Active Senior Programming – breakfast, bowling, others
• Red dress campaign
• Women's sewing circle
• Media blitz
• Speak off (Inuttitut) along the north coast
• Talent shows and music
• Picnics, boil ups
• Walk
• Food: bbq, meals, potlucks, berry picking
• Small homemade gifts
• Events: dining in the dark, senior dinner, sport event
• Recognition: volunteer awards, simple thank you
• "Using what you have"
• "Cooking Aboriginal/traditional food in a modern way"
• Trappers running club (Healthy lifestyle)
• "going off, growing strong" – land program, mentors (traditional knowledge), knowledge transfer, traditional skills, youth stay with program for a year
• Circles of support
• Partnering with local businesses to fundraise for local programming: better understanding and awareness, fun, keeping resources in the community, encouraging champions
• Crafting: train the trainer, seal skin and duffle
• "Rag to Riches" – sewing program
• Dressing for success (women's centre)
• Raise the roof
• Grad dress up-cycling
• Kids Eat Smart program (apple day)
• Farmers programs (seedlings)
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