Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL
Trauma Prevention and Recovery
Trauma Prevention and recovery resources
• Mokami Status of Women
• Libra House
• United Church – intervenes with family, not a formal program, but if a person comes to the church they help.
• Stella's Circle (st john's) - a model to look at
o Employment
o Addictions
o Crisis intervention
o Counseling
o Life skills program
o Family programs
• LGH counseling programs
• Victims services, during and after court proceedings
• Webinars
• Not a lot in prevention
• AA and AL Anon meets weekly
• CYFS or Public Health
• Probation group has intergenerational healing
• Local church groups or pastoral services
• Crisis response team
• Youth and community gatherings
• Peer support groups
• Innu Round Table
• Health Fair in August – Goose Bay, NWR, Sheshatshiu
• CYNs
• Family Resource Center
• Sheshatshiu:
o Brentwood
o Mary May Resource Center
o Youth Outreach/ Youth Centre
o Youth and Community Gatherings
o Mental Health and Addictions
o Sweats
o Church
o Women's Shelter
o Group Home
o Youth Safe House
• School? may have resources
• Status of Women Council – provincial
• Community Policing – alcohol and drugs
• Legion
• Lack of supports for elder abuse
• 50+ club receives programs and services
• Twin City Seniors Group
o Receive programs from community ie fire prevention/ fraud
• New Horizons for Seniors (grants)
• Red Dress Campaign / Sisters in Spirit
• Community Walk
• Take Back the Night
• Mobile Mental Health and Addictions Team (does not exist anymore)
• Intergenerational Trauma Training
• Sweat for youth – Urban or Aboriginal Youth Project
• Adjustment to vision loss – phone support
• EAP – suicide prevention programs
• Land Based programs
• Safe houses
• Not a lot for children in trauma prevention – long wait list at the hospital for mental health counseling
• Charles J has a therapist on staff for aboriginal people
• Family Treatment programs
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